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  • Horsemen’s Market Day

    Horsemen’s Market Day

    Horseman’s Market Day is the big annual event that we put on as a fundraiser for BVDRC.

  • Equines and Summer Heat

    Equines and Summer Heat

    With high temperatures and high humidity we can put our horses at risk when we ride. Long summer days give us lots of daylight hours, but the summer also brings a lot of heat. Fresh, cool, clean water is always of utmost importance in the summer, and cooling off our equines should also be a…

  • BVDRC News

    BVDRC News

    Meetings are every month on the second Thursday. The EVENING meetings (6 pm) are held on EVEN months. The LUNCH meetings (noon) are held on ODD months. They are held at the IHOP on Earl Rudder Fwy. BUT, please check the calendar before attending because some monthly meetings are held during weekend events instead. 2018 Officers President: Mike Dodd Vice President: Lisa Robertson Secretary: Christi…