March 2016

March 2016

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P. 0. BOX 6801, BRYAN, TX  77805
Date:   March 10, 2016
Location:  China King Restaurant, 6:30 PM
Call to Order:   1850 by the President
Minutes of the Last Meeting:    (February)  Read by the Secretary  and accepted as read.
Treasurer’s Report:   Read by the Treasurer, showed a balance at that time of $9,489.85.  Accepted as read.
 Social (Jane):  No news.
Cheryl reported on a MVA resulting in the death of Seth Broesche, 22 y/o grandson of former member, Beverly Broesche.
Market Day 2016 on 8/20/16: (Jan-Chair, Christi, Lee, Kathryn, Tess, Mike):  Lee and Jan agreed it was time to start advertising.  Flyers will be sent out.  Booth plans are in progress by Jan and Mike.  Jan keeps several spaces open for the Club Booth each year.  She asked for someone to manage it, and for us to use the Club Booth for our sale items, as very few things were displayed last year.
Membership (Jan):   Renewals still coming in.
Christmas Party (Tess, Christy, Denise):   Denise is exploring venues.  She will take menu suggestions.
Web Site & Marketing (Kathryn):   Lee sent pictures from the Winedale event to Kathryn for posting.
Club Activities and Events (variable members)
1)  Parrie Haynes Equestrian Center overnight gathering March 19-20:  Written information on facilities available was previously distributed.  Coggins information is being recorded by Jan for the Club.  We still need to have our official Coggins papers with us and show them to the facility manager.  Releases need to be printed, signed, and given to Mike.  Lisa’s student group will sleep in the dining area.  Members who have extra cots are encouraged to bring them and everyone needs to bring their own bedding and towels.  There is a daily fee of $10 per person for riding.  Eating arrangements were discussed.  Ernie will call for insurance coverage of this event as it is in addition to the number requested.


2)  A Ride/Drive at ISS is planned for May 7th with members of HACA.  As we are not renting a building, individuals should bring their own picnic food and pot luck desserts.


***Non-Club events will be reported under Announcements ***
1)  Voting for the motion made at the February meeting by Sandey Portzer:
     “To eliminate all Rules previously established, and to remove reference to the Rules from the release form, except for the requirement that minors wear helmets”.
      Votes by members present at the March meeting by show of hands:   For:  15        Against:   1
      Votes via e-mail to the secretary:   For:   5     Against:   1
      Total Votes For:  20     Against:   2   The motion passed.
2)  Ernie has contacted our Equisure Rep and verified that we can have the event release form signed once a year with the membership form when a person joins or renews.
     Lee made a motion that we do this in the future, seconded by Penny.  This will start with the next event, when the forms have been revised.
1)   Mike complained that his Facebook account has been inundated with information about the accomplishments of Lisa’s students at a recent hunter show.   As this is not Club related, he prefers not to receive them.
2)   Vita wants the Club to get back to allowing time for people to share their equine related activities, as that is why she belongs to this group.  A motion was made by Lee and seconded by Cheryl to do this.
1.  The TETRA Ride at ISS planned for March 12th was postponed due to excess rain and wet conditions.
2.  Tom O’Carroll’s St. Paddy’s Day Drive Fest will be March 19th at Equirena Fields between Burnet and Lampasas.  This is the same week-end as our Parrie Haynes Event.
3.  On March 22, the Brazos Horse Committee will sponsor an educational evening called “the Healthy, Happy Horse” at the Hildebrand Center.  Registration begins at 5:30, a light meal will be provided, with sessions starting at 6:30 PM.  Free with RSVP to (979) 823-0129 by March 18th, $10 at the door.
4.  There will be a fundraiser at Still Creek Ranch Friday, March 24 and Saturday, March 26th sponsored by the Cowboy Fellowship of Aggieland.  Multiple activities are planned including 4 horse and rider classes on Saturday.  A flyer with more information can be found at
5.  There will be an informal ride at 5D Ranch Riding Trails, 5 miles east of Navasota, on Saturday, April 9th at 10:00 AM.  Bring your lunch.  There are no facilities.  This will not be a Club sponsored event.
6.  The next regular BVDRC Meeting will be April 14th.  Time and location to be determined.  China King is concerned because too few people are eating there at the meetings.  It would cost $100 to rent the room.
Sharing of Member Activities per Vita’s request:
1.  Cheryl described circumstances of a fall she had from Sable.
2.  Tess thanked Lisa for encouraging her to drive the mini and to ride her school    horse, Bay, after she was unable to ride for years.
3.  Lisa has a friend with a 14 y/o Standardbred mare to sell, that rides and drives.
4.  Lisa described the many awards won by her students at the Hunter Show in Conroe.
Adjourned:   8:20 PM
Attendance:  Ernie Laney, Cheryl Hillman, Ron & Judy Martens, Darla Musgrove, Bernice Smith, Jan Stallone, Mike Dodd, Denise & Jim Wood, Katie & Lizzie Rosdorff, Walter & Lee Fuermann, Cabrina Scott, Vita Pariente, Penny Sue Thomas, Tess Villareal, Jane Anderson.
Respectfully submitted by Cheryl Hillman, Secretary
Under New Business, from Mike Dodd:

Cheryl, please correct something in the minutes for my safety. What I said  about Lisa’s riding students was: my Facebook page has been inundated with pictures of Lisa’s riders winning so many awards that I moved we note in the minutes our congratulations for all of the girls and their wonderful performances in a recent horse show.

I think these young people are an asset to our club and I appreciate Lisa for bringing them into our club.
I hope to see more stories about their successes on my Facebook.

The regular meeting on April 14th will be at China King Restaurant at 6:30 PM.  Come at 6 if you want to eat first.

From Cheryl Hillman, Secretary

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